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112 W. 34th Street, 17th and 18th Floors Manhattan,New York, 10120


Burrell Holdings, LLC is a diversified holding corporation with nine businesses under management, blah blah, don’t we sound important? Fortunately, that’s all the corporate mumbo jumbo you’ll have to read about.


The ethos of this company is creativity through business. And not a particular one, any and every one that has two legs to stand, or at least one leg and a chair.


The owner of Burrell Holdings doesn’t really do over the top. He’s a creative soul with lots of crazy ideas. That’s probably why he hires other crazy people.


For as large as we think we are, we’re very small in spirit. With about 30 employees between BH’s nine or so businesses, the staff tends to get run a bit thin, but only because they love what they’re doing.


Getting a job here is pretty tough, because you need to have one thing, drive. Most people without drive won’t make it through the first interview, but if they possess the intangible “it” factor, then we’ll hire you, and probably pay you money.


We want dreamers, because we’re dreamers. Our team comes up with the craziest stuff we’ve ever seen, but every idea is entertained, because if you have an idea to make something better, then you possess the ability to change the world. Or at least your immediate area code. Baby steps.


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