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    A Bit Nutty.

    We're a diversified management and acquisition firm that specializes in the crazy and creative.

It's Not About Anything But Creating Awesome Businesses and Eating Candy.

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He Wants an Acorn. What do you Want?

We specialize in the unconventional. So, if you have something on your mind, don't be afraid to pitch it to us. We just might be who you're looking for.

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Embrace Your Inner Nerd.

Learning is our key to success. We're nerds to the fifth power, and we love diving into new business ventures. We manage the most diverse business portfolio with a .2 mile radius.

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Get Ready To Bounce

We're always on the edge of something innovative or exciting. It's not about sitting, we want to hop around and see what's out there. Preferably in the comfort of a roo pouch...But we'll take a cab. No worries.

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